Joyful Acres’ Gracie of Modern Bullies

Sire: Joyful Acres’ Morpheus
Dam: Joyful Acres’ Shiloh
DOB: 8/30/08
Height: 15.5″
Head Size: 20.5″
Weight: 50 lbs


Modern Bullies’ Lola

Sire: Modern Bullies’ Iron hide
Dam: Modern Bullies’ Gracie
DOB: 6/4/11
Height: 16″
Head Size: Still Growing
Weight: 45 lbs

Lola is from our second Gracie x Ironhide Breeding. She is solid muscle and has the drive of a (lightly exaggerated) race horse. Lola will play a key role in producing healthy and athletic bulldogs for our program. Lola has free whelped 1 healthy litter of seven. She did great on her first litter.


Modern Bullies’ Ms. Swan

Sire: Carolina Blue’s Jett-i
Dam: J.A.’s Gracie
DOB: 3/11/13
Height: 15″
Head Size: Still Growing
Weight: 45 lbs and growing

We produced Ms. Swan AKA Lu out of Gracie x Carolina Blue’s Jett-I. We have Mike at Carolina’s Blues to thank for this girl. Lu is very bully, short, athlethic and loves people. This girl’s tail is always waggin, even when she is in trouble. There are some great things expected in the future from this girl. Check back for updates.